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The Gourmet Angel Food Bank features Guest Chef Demetriek Scott from New Orleans

Wednesday, July 1st, as a guest, Chef Scott will prepare meals for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Chef Demietriek Scott is a dedicated food entrepreneur with over 20 years of varied experience in the culinary arts. This New Orleans native’s knowledge of both regional and national flavors has allowed him to permeate the food manufacturing and vending markets, as well as the restaurant owning and operating industries.

His start as a banquet/pantry cook at Hotel Monteleone and a back line cook at Commander’s Palace allowed him to learn essential food production, various cuisines and culinary skills necessary to his more recent catering and restaurant endeavors. He started New Orleans Fine Catering in 2005, where he was recognized as the 2006 Best Professional Caterer Overall of the Atlanta-based service, including the instruction of his Four Star cooking classes at Château Elan and the Viking Cooking School in Buckhead. Chef Scott then opened a restaurant in 2008, Da Cajun Kitchen, where he was also responsible for making this Louisiana Restaurant profitable in its first year.

His newest successes started when he founded NOLA FOODS® in 2011, both an award-winning dessert and sauce manufacturing company and a prominent festival food truck vendor. NOLA FOODS® products range from its first place Professional Catering ranked White Chocolate Bread Pudding to a selection of locally crafted Creole Barbeque sauces sold online and in markets such as Whole Foods and Rouses. He turned his prosperity with his sauce brand into a broader and bolder local presence - Chef Scott Creole BBQ, a food truck and catering service with classic Creole flavor. Located in New Orleans and is Home to the Origino™ Ghetto Burger and King Cake Ooey Gooey along with local favorites such as a 30-year-old praline recipe and some of the best pulled pork, jerk chicken and ribs in New Orleans. Chef Scott also plans on opening other Chef Scott Creole BBQ locations throughout Orleans Parish and wishes to continue pioneering the New Orleans street fair and local festivals with a hint of his homegrown roots. 

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